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About Laura's Work

Transformational Bodyworker & Energy Healer

In every individual session and group workshop my intention is always to provide a safe and loving space for clients and participants to fully show up, to welcome all that they are, to provide an opportunity to bring themselves, knowing they will be welcomed without judgement.

In our meetingtogether we will bring a curiosity to whatever arises in each moment. Allowing each feeling, image, sensation, thought, emotion or remembrance to arise, as we welcome each aspect of yourself, providing a safe space for you to be witnessed. 

As you step into your role as your own self healer as I guide you into yourself using Frequencies Of Brilliance, Amanae, massage, sound and breath work . No previous experience is needed to undertake these journeys into the self, you will be held and guided for every step.

Sessions can be in person individually or in a group in Topsham, Devon UK or using Frequencies Of Brilliance I can work with you distantly anywhere in the world. 

In 2007 I had a strong calling to do this work. I left the life I was living to embark on this journey of self healing and discovery that has led me to experience life in a completely different way. Over the years I have shared my gifts and experience with many others just as others have shared their wisdom and knowledge with me. And in this way life is not always easier but it is an adventure ensued with magic and mystery and infinite possibility.  

*** Please note that while social distancing is in place I am offering distance work at a discounted rate of £45 for 45 minutes. If you do not have the funds but would like to receive a session then payment can be deferred. I am open to discuss exchange possibilities. Click here for more on distance healing. ***


        EARTH CHANGES MARCH                                  2020

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Are you ready to transform the way you experience life?

"A true healer does not heal you, she simply reflects back to you your innate capacity to heal. She is a reflector. A loving transparency."

                                                Jeff Foster

“I highly recommend Laura's work. A session with Laura felt life changing. She is supportive & intuitive, a lot is shifting for me and realigning on a deep level and I feel more empowered & spiritually connected." 

— Linda - Psychotherapist

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