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Journey Into The Sacred Heart - 1 Day Workshops

These extended circles are an opportunity to fully immerse yourself into the energies of your Heart

Retreat from the world into a held and nurturing space where you are encouraged to be all that you are. A place where you are free to feel and express exactly as you are.

We will be journeying inward using hands on healing, meditation, movement and sound.

Upcoming dates for 2024

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Workshops are hosted by L'aura and assisted by other Sacred Somatic Practitioners.


What's included -

- a day of supported and held space where we will be using healing techniques to release and reset through the energies of the Sacred Heart

- a vegan lunch, snacks and drinks

- support by email and voice note pre and post circle


The intention of this retreat day is to provide a space where you can be seen and heard and where nothing is expected of you. You are welcome just as you are. 

Sacred Somatic Journey partitioners are trained in holding space, to allow whatever arises to be witnessed.

So often in our lives we are asked to suppress how we truly feel and think, after time it can feel like we have lost our self. In this space we will invite you back home to your heart.

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What people have said after a 1 day workshop:

"I cannot recommend enough and cannot wait to join other workshops."

"Thank you so much Laura. It was such an amazing circle."

"It was a very powerful day for me. Lots of insights and realisations. Thank you."

"It was such a beautiful experience and shifted so much energy. Just feel so peaceful and content within me! A joy and a pleasure to meet yourself, Lisa and Ally."

"Yesterday was so powerful, the release I needed! I’ve woken today with motivation and with less sadness in my eyes. I feel more focus on opportunity over fear of change."

Sometimes we take photos and videos during the day and will always ask your permission in the first instance to take them and secondly if we can use them for promotional purposes.

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