The Shed

The Shed is the beautiful space at the bottom of my garden,  I work from here for individual sessions and some small gatherings. It is also available for overnight accommodation if you are coming from far or would like to stay in the energy in-between sessions. It's a great way to completely immerse yourself in your transformation process, spending time in solitude if necessary. The town of Topsham is a wonderful place to visit with plenty to do and see. There are country walks, shops, restaurants and cafes all within walking distance as are the train station and bus stop.

In this way it is possible to work intensively, embarking on a deeper journey into the self, with up to 5 sessions over 2 or 3 days.

Provided in a package are a mattress and bedding, kettle, a cool bag with crockery and cutlery. There is a toilet and small sink in the shed but no shower unfortunately. However it is possible to sign up for classes at our local yoga studio where they do have a shower. Click here for more information.


'I don't know where to start with a thank you and thank you really doesn't come close to expressing my gratitude for everything from start to finish - and before and after. You were really so very kind and helpful and generous with letting me stay and making me so very comfortable and welcome in your beautiful shed. I felt very safe and nurtured there. You really thought of everything to make things easy for me, picking me up from the station, kettle, water, comfy mattress and bed linen, beautiful energy in the space, tour guide information, and .... and .... so much more. As for the healings they really were phenomenal and I feel so very lucky to have had such an opportunity - totally indulging in the whole process and letting go. I felt so very held, supported and deeply anchored enabling my soul to soar to new heights. I released and received - in a way and to a level that I had really not expected with so much fun and laughter which made the whole experience joyful and easy.' - B - London