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One To One Services

Experience physical, emotional and energetic shifts that will transform your life & help you reconnect to your highest self.

Sacred Somatic Journey 1:1

Sacred Somatic Journeys are a powerful form of healing body work that incorporate touch, breath, sound and energy. Each journey takes you to energetic doorways in the physical body, bringing awareness to aspects of yourself that have been disconnected in some way. By bringing this awareness the connection is re activated and wholeness (healing) is re-established. There is a remembrance of your natural divine nature, innate wisdom and unlimited potential for self-healing.

What happens during a session?


During a session L'aura will guide you into points or 'doorways' in your physical body using hands on touch. You will be invited to use a specific breath to support you in meeting these doorways where you may experience different sensations, memories and emotions. A safe space is held for you to feel, express and be witnessed until a shift, a softening, a healing occurs. 


There are many doorways all over the body and in a session L'aura will be guided to work in specific doorways for the maximum potential for that session.


Each session is unique and created just for you. You can take many journeys; each one will bring new healing and connection. Changes take place in every session and as each session is completed it is as though you are moving into a new beginning for yourself.


What is so very beautiful about this work is that you are your own self healer. L'aura guides you into your own body encouraging you to bring an open curiosity to what you may find.

These sessions are up to 2 hours and cost £105

It is advisable to allow some time following the session for resting or being in nature.


"When we are disconnected from who we are we suffer. These journeys are not about changing who you are but becoming who you are." ~ L'aura

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