One To One Healing Sessions

One to one sessions take place in person in The Shed or distantly anywhere in the world. Each session is tailored to your individual needs - whether you're looking to shift deep rooted patterns, expand your awareness or experience life more fully. Weaving intuitive guidance with healing modalities Frequencies Of Brilliance, Amanae, Womb Healing and massage, I will create a space of deep healing of the energetic blocks and trauma patterns holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Session times are approximately 1.5 hours

The cost for a session is £65

Experience physical, emotional and energetic shifts that will transform your life & help you re-connect to your highest self.

Sessions can be booked as and when needed, or for deeper issues you may want to book a block. 

Further information on individual sessions here.

Way Of The Woman Personal Ceremonies

During our time together you will embark on a journey where we will be using Amanae, Frequencies Of Brilliance, ceremony, intention setting, ritual & The Rite of The Womb energetic transmission. On completion of your journey you will become a Womb Keeper and will be able to pass The Rite Of The Womb to others.

Allow 3 hours £125

More information here 


Pre requisite an individual healing session with Laura. Currently available for women only. Please note that this womb work is appropriate for ALL women, there are no exclusions. These sessions take place in The Shed at the bottom of my garden.

Call or text or email to book 07877 6 37 60


Neck, face and Scalp Treatment

Are you looking to de stress? Release tension from your upper body and face? Reset? This treatment combines conscious massage with the with Frequencies Of Brilliance energy work. Laying face up on the massage table you will experience a deep but gentle massage focusing on shoulders, neck, face and scalp muscles followed by hands on healing.

Tension and stress can often be held in the upper body including the jaw, forehead and other facial muscle, releasing these can positively affect your feelings of wellbeing.

Treat yourself? 

Treatment length is 45 minutes and costs £45. Please allow extra time for consultation and relaxing on the table post treatment.

Call or text 07877 67 37 60 for an appointment. More information here.

A personal journey to awakening to your full potential through the womb space. 'Within each of us is an innately wise and fully present woman. She is of the Earth. She belongs here in her body, on this Earth plane, she is aware of her connection to all living things, there is a stillness within her. She is a Wild Woman, a Goddess, she is the pure balance of divine feminine & masculine, she is a beacon of light.' We will be asking questions such as what is needed for you to step into living your truth? Are you ready to expand the connection to the powerful being that you are? What is needed to allow this flow of creative energy to permeate every aspect of your life? 

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