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If you want to be more love and light, you've got to be willing to venture into the darkness. Right to the place you've spent your whole life avoiding."

Come and join L'aura and Cat Moyle for an exploration into your shadow aspect through the physical body. For four days we will venture inward while being held by the wildness of Dartmoor at the beautiful and warm Bala Brook Retreat Centre.

Over the course of your time at Bala Brook you will be guided on a journey into the parts of yourself that are yet to be brought into consciousness, into light. We will begin with opening the doorways to the heart on the front and back of the body, moving down your spine to your sacrum and hips.

It's advisable to have experienced a 1:1 session with L'aura or Cat before booking on to this retreat. 


Sacred Somatic Journeys are a form of hands on healing where a combination of gentle and strong movements are made into energetic 'doorways' in the body. You are invited to meet these movements with your breath and awareness, bringing a curiosity to what may be holding there. Sometimes these holding may appear as blocks or closed doors, parts of ourselves that are not fully integrated or life experiences that were left unfinished are given space to be felt, witnessed and held in love

Private room £975

Payment plans available.

Shared with 1 other £875

Payment plans available.


"This work changed my life, the

way I experience life. At last I

am free to be myself."  

~ Testimonial P.M.

What to expect:

4 group healing sessions with bodywork

Embodiment class

Group sound healing session

Integration sessions

A guided walk on 26 acres of private land

Pre and post retreat support

Fully catered vegan and gluten free

Pay your £150 deposit to

secure your place here 

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