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Other services that I offer . . .

 I can bring a workshop, ritual or ceremony to your retreat, workshop or group of friends

This can be tailor made to the occasion or focus, for example heart opening,  womb work (including the 13th Rite Of The Womb), working with Mother Earth, Pleiadians, around the Hen on a hen gathering, any part of the body including organs

Land & House Clearings

To clear and reset energies. A good time to do this is when you move into a new house, if there has been any sort of conflict on a house or on land, after a break up or divorce, when you want a fresh start, if you are feeling stuck in a situation

9 Month Re-Birth Journey for support & mentorship

A fully supported 9 month journey ideally suited to you if you are moving through a life transition such as a divorce or break up, chronic illness, acute illness, spiritual awakening, dark night of the soul, if you are feeling stuck and are ready for change, if you feel lost, alone or need guidance and direction.

Your time with L'aura will be tailored to suit your needs. You can expect -


- twice monthly meet ups that may include transformation body work, massage, ritual, woodland walks including foraging, crafting 

-email and voice note support

-a priority place in drumming circles plus 25% discount

-a free place in all donation based circles

-10% discount on The Moon Retreat.

-a Sacred Bathing Ritual Kit

Cost £300 a month payable by direct debit (you can cancel at any time) contact L'aura to arrange a chat.

Distance work is a wonderful way to receive Frequencies Of Brilliance from the comfort of your own home, enabling me to work with you wherever you are in the world.

Once we have set a date and time for you to receive, a time when you have an hour to lie on a bed, completely undisturbed, I begin the work. Initially I will create and hold a stable energetic space that will allow me to work with you even though we are not in the same location. This is called the 'Gap', within this Gap a clear transfer of the energies takes place and are transmitted to you. There is no need for us to communicate by phone or email during the session although I will contact you the following day with any feedback and welcome any questions or comments from you. 

1 hour £105

  "Laura has an amazing ability to tune into things. Working with her has been a great joy and a very satisfying experience. I would highly recommend her."  Sheena, India.

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