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The journey of a lifetime

Journey Into The Sacred Heart - 9 days in person over 3 months
Applications for 2024 are now open

A personal journey and the base for becoming an Approved Sacred Somatics Journey Practitioner.

Learn to work with yourself and others through the Sacred Heart energy that is held within the cells of our physical heart utilising body, breath, energy and sound work.

9 day in person course in Yettington & Topsham, Devon. 

Complete this application form-your first step to becoming a 

Sacred Somatic Journey Practitioner

This is for you if 

-you are on a self healing journey and are ready to commit to transformation

- you are new to healing but feel drawn to deepen your experience with this

- you are a therapist, healer or bodyworker looking to expand and deepen your ability to work with others

- you have had a session with Laura and would like to learn!

On this 3 month course you will journey into your own sacred heart, remembering and reopening doors to the truth of who you truly are. There will be many opportunities to reclaim your gifts as a multidimensional being, as well as learning techniques for working with others. 


Requirements for completion of  your personal Journey Into The Sacred heart

- attendance of 9 in person training days. 8.5 at Yettington Hall and a half day in Topsham

- a minimum of 2 student exchanges (The Shed will be made available if you dont have a space to work in)

- 2 case studies

- home study approximately 35 hours

On completion of the above you can begin to practice with supervision.

The additional requirement to become an Approved Practitioner is the completion of  1 other journey and a series of standards to be attained.

Pre requisite - a personal session with Laura or another approved practitioner (contact Laura for list of practitioners) 

Book a 1:1 session with L'aura here

Application open to all adults. You must be 18 or over to partake in this initiation.

When - 2024 dates - April 19,20,21  May 10,11,12  June 14,15  July 12 

Where - Yettington & Topsham, Devon UK

Cost - £1950


I was lucky enough to do the first of Laura’s JITSH trainings and It was the most powerful few months of my life. The whole experience has changed my trajectory completely. I felt directionless before and now I feel this fire burning, and that I am at the beginning on the path I am meant to be on. Laura has a way of mentoring and teaching which is so grounded and wise. She brings in the shadow, and you learn how to alchemise it. My own personal healing was beyond what I could have ever expected, and learning how to work with others, was a bonus! I know that this is a part of what I will do moving forward, she helped me reclaim many fragmented parts of myself in a way that I felt so seen and supported. Thank you deeply Laura, you are a true wise woman healer!

Testimonial  I.B. 2022 Graduate


"Over the summer I completed this course . . Journey into the Sacred Heart..My teacher Laura was exceptional. She has depth of wisdom, understanding, humbility,and clarity. I'll be forever bonded with Laura and my fellow student. It has been the most profound healing and personal growth I've experienced in life so far. (Which says something huge, since I'm a Queen of proccess ! ) I was drawn to Laura and this work a few years ago and haven't looked back. I spent a few months trying to describe what this work is about and found it impossible to put into words. It's such deep transformative, healing, inner work. It's mind blowing... The combination of body work, light language, voice, and new paradigm energy guides us through doorways back to our Pure Sovereign Heart.. I will never be the same. The magic that happened there has changed my life forever. Im bursting with gratitude for this opportunity for personal ascention . I am honoured to be assisting Laura Oseland in the next course." Testimonial C.M. 2022 Graduate.

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