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The journey of a lifetime

3 months immersed in the art of Sacred Somatics

Personal healing and development

Learn to facilitate 1:1 Journeys Into The Sacred Heart - the foundation level to all Sacred Somatic Journeys.

Applications for April 2025 are now open

Learn to work with yourself and others through the Sacred Heart energy that is held within the cells of our physical heart utilising body, breath, energy and sound work.

9 day in person course in Yettington & Topsham, Devon. 

Register your interest for 2025

This is for you if 

you are ready to fully immerse in your healing and personal development

- you are feeling the call to live your life mission and heal on a deeper level

- you are ready to tap into your body's innate healing potential

- you have had a session with Laura and felt the call to bring Sacred Somatic Journeys into the world

- you would like to create powerful, transformational and sacred space for others to heal and evolve

Over the course of this 3 month initiation you will journey into your own sacred heart, remembering and reopening doors to the truth of who you truly are. There will be many opportunities to reclaim your gifts as a multidimensional being, as well as learning techniques for working with others. 


How is this training run?

Journey Into The Sacred Heart is the foundation level to all Sacred Somatic Journeys. The 3 month training is split into 3 parts. Each part must be completed in the allocated timeline before moving onto the next part. As well as 9 in person days there are home study requirements including online study, student exchanges and case studies.


There are various assessment criteria to complete along the way as well as a final practical exam to gain certification.

Total study time 120 hours.

If you are coming from far, exchanges can be scheduled alongside in person training days.

Pre requisite - a personal session with Laura or another approved practitioner (contact Laura for list of practitioners) 

Book a 1:1 session with L'aura here

This journey is by application to initiate communication to explore if this initiation is the next right step for you. In that way we can create a strong and held space for deep and revolutionary work. Because of the nature and depth of this work student numbers are limited.  Application open to all adults. You must be 18 or over to partake in this initiation.

When - 2025 dates - April 25,26,27  May 16,17,18  June 20,21  July 18 

Where - Yettington & Topsham, Devon UK

Cost - £1950  (payment plans available)



I was lucky enough to do the first of Laura’s JITSH trainings and It was the most powerful few months of my life. The whole experience has changed my trajectory completely. I felt directionless before and now I feel this fire burning, and that I am at the beginning on the path I am meant to be on. Laura has a way of mentoring and teaching which is so grounded and wise. She brings in the shadow, and you learn how to alchemise it. My own personal healing was beyond what I could have ever expected, and learning how to work with others, was a bonus! I know that this is a part of what I will do moving forward, she helped me reclaim many fragmented parts of myself in a way that I felt so seen and supported. Thank you deeply Laura, you are a true wise woman healer!

Testimonial  I.B. 2022 Graduate

"It's the most powerful thing I've ever experienced and my life is not the same. Thank you L'aura for continuing to help me become the woman I was intended to be all along." Testimonial L.W. 2023 Graduate

"When we live from our hearts we feel more peaceful and life flows."


Sacred Somatic Journeys are an Accredited Training Provider with International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.


This journey has been one which I will continue to hold close to my heart for the rest of my life. I still sit in awe of everyone who sat in our circle and I feel so honoured to be a part of something so profound. My soma knows that what we have touched on and been a part of is going to continue to shift and change our lives and will be a huge part of other people's healing journeys. Slow and steady as we integrate this shared love of coming back home, coming back to wholeness and being a fuller more intune version with ourselves and others. 


Testimonial - Jess 2023 Graduate



All students must participate in 100% of the training in order to be eligible for certification by

Sacred Somatic Journeys

with Laura Oseland

This includes:

  •  attendance 9 in person training days

  • completion of a minimum of 2 students exchanges 

  • completion of 5 case studies

  • completion of home study modules and assessments

  • completion all assessments and feedback forms on time

  • adhere to Sacred Somatic Journeys Code Of Practice during and after 



Emotional release bodywork

Learn how, when and where to activate energetic 'doorways'

Discover different types of touch for clients to complete and integrate past experiences

How to sense with your fingers the energy flow within a body

Energy work

How to activate energy 'doorways' in the energy field of a person

Working with your Pleiadian Team

And more

Deep listening and hearing the energy behind words

Recognising inner children and how to work with them

Exploring past life experiences

Recognising ancestral trauma

Learn the inner language of the subconscious

Holding space for others

Consultations, structuring a session, safe space and aftercare

Self care and healing techniques for practitioners

The role of breath and sound in Sacred Somatic Journeys

Trauma Informed practice

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