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Each session is unique and is tailored to your needs and intentions. Working with you I will create a safe space for you to go deep within yourself and help you release any blocks and subconscious patterns that are holding you back from accessing your most powerful self. As we journey into and through these blocks we can discover parts of ourselves that have been lost or shut away and reclaim those parts. 

Sessions often include: - Emotional release - Inner child work - Past life work - Ancestral healing - Trauma work - Shadow work - Connecting with your guides - Activating your self healing system - Clearing blocks

How does a session in person work?

Once we have a date and time set up I will ask you about your intention for the session & whether you have something specific you'd like to work with. On your arrival for your session I will explain how the session will work, and with my guidance we will explore your intention. Then I will ask you to lay on a massage table. The work requires that I work onto bare skin as in a massage however you will be covered with sheets and blankets throughout the work. No previous experience is needed, you will be held and guided all the way through. There will be time for relaxation afterwards. If possible leave yourself some time to be in nature or rest or whatever is needed. I will be available for support as you integrate the energetic shifts if needed.


For information on distance/remote work click here

Location & Contact Details

Tel: 07877 67 37 60


The Shed Pound Close, Topsham, Exeter, UK

Or contact me through the home page contact section

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