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                                                                                       Working With You From Afar


Distance work is a wonderful way to receive Frequencies Of Brilliance from the comfort of your own home, enabling me to work with you wherever you are in the world.

Once we have set a date and time for you to receive, a time when you have an hour to lie on a bed, completely undisturbed, I begin the work. Initially I will create and hold a stable energetic space that will allow me to work with you even though we are not in the same location. This is called the 'Gap', within this Gap a clear transfer of the energies takes place and are transmitted to you. There is no need for us to communicate by phone or email during the session although I will contact you the following day with any feedback and welcome any questions or comments from you. 

1 hour £65

  "Laura has an amazing ability to tune into things. Working with her has been a great joy and a very satisfying experience. I would highly recommend her."  Sheena, India.

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