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Journey into your womb space and uncover your wild woman, your wisdom and forgotten gifts.

During our time together you will embark on a journey. On completion of your journey whether in a 1:1 ceremony or in a group, you will become a Womb Keeper and will be able to pass The Rite Of The Womb to others. 


The journey into and beyond the womb.


The womb spaces is a portal into the dark mysteries of the divine feminine. Working with this portal gives us access to infinite creativity and the power needed to manifest our creative endeavours. Women often hold so much unprocessed energy in this space that the access to our creativity and power becomes blocked. These blocks may come from our ancestral lineage, passed to us through the time in our mother's womb, from our own birth issues, procedures and medical interventions can leave an energetic implant as can past lovers. Working with the womb can clear issues around childbirth, fertility, sexuality, menopause, relationships, the mother wound and relations with other women can be transformed.

These sessions are  available for all women regardless of whether you have a physical womb or not. Individual sessions are also available for men who wish to explore their time in the womb and the imprint left from that time, their own feminine energies, beliefs inherited from ancestral lineage.

Pre requisite - a transformational bodywork session with Laura. Please note that these ceremonies are appropriate for ALL women, there are no exclusions. These sessions take place in The Shed at the bottom of my garden. 

3 hour personal ceremony  £165

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