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Way Of The Woman Circles - How they work Parts 1 & 2

Part 1

At the core of circle work is creating and holding space. Each circle holder will create space according to their beliefs and practices. Each circle is unique and Way of the Woman circles are not only unique in themselves but also that the location, day and time changes each month. I love that it's this. In the flow of what is required, working with the elements and what is available to us, each month asking 'what is needed now? what do we need now as a collective of women?'

I don't ask for a commitment to lots circles, you may like to watch from afar, or one may call you more than another. You may have prior commitments or just not feel like coming. I love that it's this. Flowing, no pressure, only acceptance for what each woman is willing.

Once you are sat in circle I do ask you to commit. I do ask you to show up as fully as you are willing in that moment. Each women's commitment will feel different. I ask that you take your place in the circle, in your body, on the Earth plane, in this lifetime. This is part of creating space, creating the circle, the intention to sit, to be.

Other ways that we create the space are to collect sticks and leaves and moss from the surrounding woods, or to bring along candles and crystals and we physically create a circle. Often I find the outside spaces we are called to have a ready made circle of trees. We ask them to hold us. We call in the ancestors. We create, build and weave the energy of the circle. This is how our circles begin.

Part 2

Way of the Woman circles. How it works Pt2.

Although each circle energy is unique there are common threads in the structure. Often there will be singing or drumming, sometimes movement. Sometimes we sit in silence. There may be a guided process for connecting to the Earth and our hearts. Always, there is an opportunity to share, to be seen, to be heard. This may come in the form of speaking or not. The sharing process can be so powerful, to be witnessed by others, to be listened to in your entirety without interjection. If you choose not to speak we will sit with you in the silence. All is welcome, there are no expectations to be a certain way. You do not have to be on top of your game to sit in Way of the Woman circles, if you are miserable bring the misery, if you are joyful, then bring that, it is all welcome, you are welcome

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