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It's amazing to me that this is our 5th consecutive year hosting The Moon Retreat. It has been an epic journey of complete transformation on my part. It's the women, you see, the women who come. Each one, taking her place in the circle, committing to the journey inward whilst being held by the wild land at Bala Brook. It's powerful, that brook, it runs unstoppable and with speed. An unrelenting torrent of fresh, cold earth water, overshadowed by age old oak trees that are blanketed in bright, luminescent soft and springy moss. It's just so fucking alive. There is continuous movement, the wind blowing the branches and leaves, the insects busying around, yet it's so easy to be still there, to stop. I cannot tell you of the sisterhood so many have found in this shared experience, shared transformation. Each year it feels richer, juicer, more sacred somehow, so real, in this life, tangible and tactile, you cannot help but BE present, at least for a few moments, a few breaths.

I am honoured to be one cog in this entity we call woman. I am but just one weaver and maker in amongst a sea of witches and shamans, mothers and sisters. We are literally the bringers of life.

To weave our magic in community is what The Moon Retreat offers, a portal in time and space for you to embody your magic to another level, where you can fall and rise while being fully supported.

Bookings are open for 2025. I've opened them early so that if you want to do a payment plan there is plenty of time.

Lots of love


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