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INTENTION We all have intentions in our thoughts all of the time, mostly unconscious and habitual. Intentions are powerful, they create our reality, the way we experience life. You could akin them to spells, each of us casting our lives moment to moment. Setting specific intentions and having them witnessed by another or others is a way, a tool, for conscious creating. It's a practice. You are more powerful than you've been told. You can create your own reality moment to moment. Step 1. What is your intention? Listen to your heart. It may not make sense or seem logical. Step 2. Voice your intention, say it out loud. How does it feel to you. Say it more. Repeat until you feel it in your bones. Step 3. Ask someone to witness it. If you email it to me I will witness it and create an energetic platform in which it will unfold.

Keep using the occasional conscious breath in and out the mouth. Letting go on the out breath. You are birthing your new life, you need to breathe.

My intention today is to feel peace in the darkness. What is yours?

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