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Setting Intentions

I often talk about intention. My experience of intention is that it's a bit like magic. Initially, choosing to set an intention provides an opportunity to listen to our heart. You see, for the intention to hold any power, for it to be of any use, for to to work, it must be aligned with our heart energy, not the ego mind. Often the words that come may not make sense, or maybe they don't seem related to any reason you may have had for coming to see me, but often as the session unfolds or in the days following, all becomes clear. Sometimes during a session I witness a complete realignment of energy through the person, a realignment to this hearts desire, everything begins to flow and match up. It's like a click, click, click as everything falls into place effortlessly. These moments are like drops of joy for both myself and my client as there is a remembering of the truth and all else falls away.

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