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Inner Child

It was just a trickle at first, a very narrow stream of white blue light flowing into my body, into my heart. There is room now you see, since I opened the door and peeked inside. It was a day when curiosity got the better of me and I decided to take a step in. What I found on the other side of that door was darkness, vast and cool, not unpleasant, it was quiet, somehow familiar, like something I knew but couldn't quite remember. I stood for while trying to get my bearings, there were no walls and no ceiling but I had the sense of a corner. I brought my curiosity there and saw a young girl sitting, no more than 4 or 5 years old, her head down resting on her bent knees. "Hello" I said, but the little girl didn't look up, she'd been here a long time, alone in the dark, 36 years actually, and loneliness was all she knew. "I've come back for you" I said and I saw her flinch. "I'm sorry" I said, sitting down beside her. I let her feel my presence, my commitment to sitting with her, I let her feel my 'yes', and after a while she lifted her head and looked at me. This is where the healing began.

'Inner Child' by L'aura

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