Group Work


No matter where you are on your awakening journey, these events are designed to increase the flow of life force energy through your physical body and energetic field as you are guided and held through your process.




The Pure Series


An incredible series of 5 one and two day workshops, each with a different focus. Each workshop is complete in itself so you can choose which one is right for you in each moment. I co host these events with Cat Moyle and we are available to bring them to you wherever you are in the world. These events provide you with an opportunity to work in a group setting and have the potential to work on a deep level in a safe and supported space. 2018 saw the birth of Pure Power, in 2019 we held the circle for Pure Breath and the next event, Pure Bliss, is scheduled for Sunday 14th June 2020 in Topsham, Devon, UK.  

Interested? You can find out more here.








The Way Of The Woman - Regular meet ups for women


There is a new birthing on our planet, one where the energy of woman is in perfect balance with all of creation. These meetings are an opportunity for us, as women, to gather together and take our place in birthing this energy onto our planet. Each meeting has a different theme and you are invited to join this circle as and when you choose. These circles often include meditation, sharing, energetic transmissions, tea & chocolate. Each theme includes a related process or creation such as The Rite Of The Womb, Quantum Light Breath, movement or creating tools for ritual such as smudging sticks. 

The next circle is scheduled for Wednesday 30th December 2020. We would love you to join us!













Journey Into The Sacred Heart

              Training Course

*Coming soon* Learn to work with yourself and others through the sacred heart energy that is held within the cells of our physical heart.

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