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Journey Into The Sacred Heart - 1 day workshop

Take a journey with us in rediscovering your divine self through body work, breathwork, sound and energy healing.

In this beautiful 1 day workshop you can experience all it is to journey into your sacred heart space as well as other aspects of yourself that may have been long lost or abandoned. 

When : Sunday 15th October 10am - 6pm

Where : Kenton Victory Hall, Kenton, Devon

Cost : £155

This fully immersive day is an opportunity to get some

deep work in doorways throughout the body as well as

in the heart. The day will consist of some circle work

and some 'on the table work'. This is an excellent way

to experience Journey Into The Sacred Heart in a

group setting, benefitting from the personal and

collective experience.

If you have not yet experienced a one to one session, 

contact Laura or Cat for a chat to see if this 

workshop is for you.


Lunch and snacks included.

Book Here >>>  This event is now SOLD OUT. Contact Laura to be added to the wait list.

Please note that there will be filming and photography at this workshop. Images will only be used with your consent.

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