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An evening of group Conscious Connected Breath with Sally & L'aura

Join Sally Barnett and L'aura for Conscious Connected Breath group session in Yettington, near Exeter, Devon.

Wednesday 19th October 2022   7pm-9pm

£20 or £15 for concessions. If finances will stop you from attending please contact L'aura or Sally for a chat.


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We will be using a combination of activating and restorative breathwork during this 45 minute journey. This style of breathwork will help you to discharge energy and unexpressed emotions and access non-ordinary states of consciousness. By releasing old energy and unexpressed emotions, we gain new perspectives of our lives and increase our ability to live in the present moment. Frozen energy (past traumas, emotional events, chronic stress) is stored in the bodymind system and breathwork allows you to access your body’s innate healing intelligence so that you can release the energetic charge that needs to be felt.

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