1 Day Womb Healing Workshop

There are just 4 places on this beautiful day of journeying into the magic of the womb. The energy of the day will be soft and loving, held and welcoming, it needs to be this way, going into the womb is the journey of the warrior, it takes courage and commitment to begin to open this magical portal. 

As a group of 5 we will. be guided by our individual intentions. We will be welcoming all the emotions, all the parts of ourselves we have hidden, silenced and suppressed. We will hold space for our inner children and the men and women we were in past lives. We will be exploring repeating patterns, patterns we may well have been in for lifetimes. 

If you are a woman or identify with being a woman this workshop is for you. If you have experienced any of the following, this workshop is for you, painful periods, sexual abuse at any age, unconscious sexual encounters, saying yes when you meant no, saying no and not being heard, abortion, adoption, miscarriage, infertility, difficult relationship with your mother, not being able to be yourself around or to trust other women, medical procedures in the womb and/or pelvis, a difficult birth experience (yours and/or your children), having children, not having children, feelings of powerlessness, shame, being unworthy, not good enough, menopause difficulties, the loss of a child.

The day will include techniques to bring us more deeply into our wombs such as guided meditation, energy transmissions, breath work and hands on healing. A light lunch with drinks and snacks will be provided. I will be available for ongoing online support.

Thursday 10th June 10am - 3pm £45 at a private indoor location in Topsham, Devon UK

To book your place email me at laurafrequencies@live.co.uk or text 07877 67 37 60

I look forward to seeing you 

With love from