A personal journey to awakening to your full potential through the womb space. 

'Within each of us is an innately wise and fully present woman. She is of the Earth. She belongs here in her body, on this Earth plane, she is aware of her connection to all living things, there is a stillness within her. She is a Wild Woman, a Goddess, she is the pure balance of divine feminine & masculine, she is a beacon of light.'

Way of the Woman 1:1 Womb Ceremony 


Your personal ceremony will include hands on healing, ceremony & journeying.

Allow 3 hours £125

​More information here 

Pre requisite an individual healing session with Laura. Currently available for women only. Please note that this womb work is appropriate for ALL women, there are no exclusions. These sessions take place in The Shed at the bottom of my garden. 

Call or text or email to book

07877 6 37 60 


Way of the Woman Group Womb Ceremony


Circles of women are powerful and healing. We embark on the journey into our wombs together using guided meditation, energy transmissions, ceremony and ancient wisdom often finishing with tea and chocolate!  

Location and cost are variable.

Ceremonies are held throughout the year. For notification of the next one you can email laurafrequencies@live.co.uk to be added to The Way of the Woman email list.

A individual healing session with Laura is advisable before taking part but not essential.

Monthly Full Moon Women's Circles


A regular support group for the exploration of how it feels to be a woman in these times through meeting in circle, often in the forest in Exeter, Devon UK


We started as a way to connect during lockdown and now we are meeting in circle with an intention to do so on every full moon. More details here.


Between us we create sacred space.

You can participate as much or as little as you feel to. You can attend circle whenever you are called, there are no expectations of how much/often you engage either in the in meet ups, you are always welcome.