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Friday 25th March 11am - 5pm

  • Started 25 Mar
  • 87 British pounds
  • Revitalize Studios, Topsham

Service Description

Realise. It means to notice, to understand, but also to make happen. That is the essence of this one day workshop. A beautiful day in circle with women like you to explore what is going on under the surface of our experiences and how to work with the deepest parts of ourselves to create exactly the life we want. Intentional Soulful Powerful Potent We experience life through our beliefs, beliefs about who we are, what we deserve, how we are meant to act to be accepted/loved, beliefs about how the world works, and what to expect, who is right, who is wrong . . . Sometimes they are referred to in the spiritual community as 'stuff' or 'veils' that we view the world through. Our beliefs can keep us feeling stuck, chasing our tails, or feeling frozen, repeating patterns or not achieving our goals or even knowing what our goals are We inherit some of these beliefs, from our parents, ancestors, peers, community, some we create ourselves in childhood and even later in life. The thing is that not all not our beliefs serve us but we carry them around, sometimes not even realising they are there. They seem to be us so it is hard to see them. In this one day workshop we will be bringing some of our beliefs forward to be seen, witnessed and held, clearing the way if you like, for new beliefs, seeds of potential, to be planted and then planting them! Sowing seeds for the year ahead.

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