Pure Bliss 

We will be particularly focusing on the heart and the arms which are often associated with the giving and receiving love and loving expression – the arms are the ‘cosmic conductors’ of the heart and the way in which we reach out to give or receive offerings. We touch, we hug and we pray with our arms, they represent our connection to others and our communication with our divinity. The arms allow us to express our purpose on the planet, they give us our ability to build homes, to cook and work the earth, to create art, to bring ideas into reality. They are tools of nurture and the doorways to bliss.

Cat Moyle and I are fully committed to supporting you on this journey into yourself. We are co creating a safe, loving and transformational space for you to step into.

As a group we will use a combination of Amanae and energywork, movement, sound, ceremony and journalling to explore what bliss means to us and how we feel and access power in the body.

The workshop is one full day starting at 9.30am and finishing around 4.30pm.

What will happen on the workshop?

We will set up the space to support the work.
We will all convene in the circle to open the work.
You will be asked to show up as fully as you can.
You will receive hands-on Amanae and Frequencies of Brilliance work over the day
You will work in partnership and as a group, benefiting from the group energy and the collective experience.
It may be challenging and you will be invited to breathe with all that comes up.
You will be held to allow yourself to come to whatever the workshop brings up for you.
You will be supported by your fellow attendees, the practitioners and the energy of the space.
You will be allowed to be whatever you need to be.
We will be moving our bodies.
We will making sounds loud and quiet.
We will speak our truth.
We will rest and nourish.
We will feel our hearts and our relationship to it.
You will need to bring water and something to write on and with.
You will need to wear comfortable clothing for the workshop.
You will need to let me know if you have any medical requirements.

Due to the nature of the work it is recommended that you don’t plan anything too hectic for after the workshop so you can be gentle with yourself as you process what you have experienced.

What else do I need to know?
There is accomodation nearby if you are coming from afar.

You will need to have had an Amanae or Frequencies Of Brilliance session before attending the workshop. This can be arranged when you book your place.

How can I reserve my spot?
To book, a deposit payment (of £100) or the full payment is required if booking after 14th May 2020.

Payment can be made via paypal (catmoyle@hotmail.com), Revolut (+356 9964 6166), bank transfer (details on request) cash or cheque to Laura Oseland in the UK (details on request). 

Not sure if this workshop is for you?
Drop me a line and I will happily call you back to answer your questions or send you more information.