The Pure Series

This series of hands-on Amanae and Frequencies Of Brilliance workshops were birthed by myself and Cat Moyle  and are running in the UK over the course of a few years.
Each workshop is an opportunity to access unexpressed emotions, to open the doorways to those parts of ourselves we have fragmented, allowing our life force energy to flow more freely.
Each workshop focuses on a different theme and area of the body.

By accessing and feeling the emotions in the body, we create more space in the physical body to drop into. And, as we become more comfortable in that embodiment, we become more comfortable in allowing our feelings, in experiencing life fully, of having our human experience here on Earth.

This is your invitation. We hope you can make it.

Live Face to Face workshop (with online follow up)

Next Workshop: Pure Bliss
Workshop Date: 14th June 2020
Registration: Opens March 2020
Workshop Length: 1 full day
Investment: £125





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