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Drumming Circles

The first drum that we all heard was the sound of our mother's heartbeat when we were in the womb. The sound is imprinted in our DNA since the beginning of humanity. When we hear a drum beat, feel the vibrations, something within us wakes up, it reaches the deepest part of our very being. 

All women and those who identify with being a woman are welcome at these drumming circles.You can bring your own drum or there will be extra drums you can use. All types of drum are welcome.No previous experience is necessary, beginners are very welcome. Concessions available.


Between us we create sacred space.

You can participate as much or as little as you feel to. You can attend circle whenever you are called, there are no expectations of how much/often you engage either in the meet ups, you are always welcome.


Drum & Cacao Full Moon Circle for Women - Bringing in the nurturing warmth of deep Earth with the sound of the drum and the medicine of cacao

Location - Kenton Victory Hall near Exeter

Sunday 26th November 11am - 1pm 


Drumming Circles will resume in March 2024.

Sign up to my newsletter to be the first to hear as these gatherings get booked up quickly. 


Thank you all for creating a space that I had no idea existed until now. I have woken up to a feeling of “knowing” I cannot explain it, it is very deep within my heart and connected to my womb. So powerful, yet so still. I too wish that all women can experience this. I can still feel the beat of the drum, gently vibrating though me. Thank you.

"There are no words to really explain how extraordinary last nights circle was. Only a feeling that is now within us, that can never be taken away.

Thank you to both you and Typh for holding this beautiful space for our sisterhood. ~ SM

"I just wanted to say thanks again to Laura Oseland and Typhaine Dagorn for last night!

I am still smiling, processing and filled with gratitude for such a beautiful space, a powerful session and huge shifts. I can't wait for the next one. We are blessed to have you both doing this work and opening space for us to find ourselves and our voices again.

Much love Yolandi xxx"

Thank you so much for your love, support and care in the drumming circle on Sunday.

I felt so safe and held by everyone but by you especially. You have an incredible gift and I’m so grateful that my soul allowed you close enough to help. ~ DR

"I feel so relaxed to be me when I’m in the circles" ~ LM

"It was one of the most beautiful afternoons I’ve had. One I think I might remember always as one of those pivotal life moments. Huge shifts still happening right now in my body. 

Not an experience I can quite put into the “right” words either  So so beautiful! Thank you Laura, Typh and everyone x" - Lameze

We would love for you to join us!

Book here >>>

We meet every full moon and on other auspicious dates, in Devon. If you would like to join us you can hear about our next meet up either through joining our FB group Way Of The Woman or email me to be added to the mailing list. All women welcome. You are welcome if you identify as a woman. No previous experience necessary and there are no expectations, come as you are. There is always a different focus so one may call you more than another. There is a wonderful overlap of the women who come to each one which builds the sense of connection and community.

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