This incredible process is both powerful and beautiful. It is often the technique I use in a session when deep emotional healing is called for. It works with a firm hands on pressure into doorways that are located in the body, along with a conscious breath from the person receiving the work. The Amanae technique is used to open energetic doorways in the body that may prevent us from experiencing our full potential in life. This can assist us in accessing emotions that have been locked away in the body and allow them to release, a dissolving of blocks, where appropriate, enabling flow to be restored. 


I often use Amanae in a session in conjunction with the Frequencies Of Brilliance energy. Combining the two modalities creates a unique experience for the person receiving it. Both were channeled by Christine Day and are considered sisters works. They dance, merge and interact during a session creating a magic that is exquisitely tailored for each persons individual healing and transformational journey. 

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"Thank you so much for holding a space for me to let go of some deep rooted stuff. I am already noticing an expansion of the heart centre which is beautiful." P - 2018